The hot summer weather can take a serious toll on your engine, especially since lots of us are taking long road trips and blasting the air conditioning with the windows down. Here are some summer car care tips that will help your vehicle survive the season.

Check your battery

One of the most sensitive car parts is the battery. Batteries have a harder time with extreme temperatures, and it’s easy for them to die — especially if you haven’t had it tested since before winter. You can go to a part store and get your battery tested to make sure it’s still got plenty of charge.

Change your tires

Have you changed your winter tires to all-season tires yet? If not, now is the time to do it. Winter tires do not do well in heat because they’re too soft. Make sure you keep track of your tire pressure, too, as hot weather can make the pressure fluctuate.

Monitor fluid levels

Check your fluids at least once a week. Heat is hard on your engine, so you need your coolant levels to be high and your engine oil to be fresh. Summer is a great time to refill your wiper fluid, too. Take your car in for its regular oil change and rest easy during your summer road trip.

If your vehicle needs an inspection, oil change, or tire maintenance to prepare for the summer months, stop by Dave Smith Ford. Our service department is always happy to help.

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