Mobile Apps

These days, there’s a mobile app for everything — when it comes to driving, there are a ton. Not only are there many different app options aimed at improving your driving experience, but there are several that you can use for free.



When it comes to mobile maps and navigation, Waze is the cream of the crop. Waze allows you to work in tandem with your fellow commuters to report hazards, traffic, and even speed traps. Your daily commute can be made easier with automatic redirection to avoid significant problems, putting you on course to get home faster even during rush hour.



If you travel for work, MileIQ is the easiest way to keep track of mileage and gas for expense reporting. It operates in the background while you drive, logging trips and recording distances for straightforward billing and expense statements.



RoadTrippers puts your travel itinerary in your pocket while leaving room for the spontaneous detours that make road trips memorable. RoadTrippers recommends scenic routes, parks, local highlights, places to eats, and hotels along your route to fill in the downtime and flesh out your experience.


Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam

If you’re a ride-share driver or want to feel more secure, Drivermatics is an excellent option to record your trips for insurance purposes. It also logs on-the-road analytics for month-by-month comparisons to track your business and keep an eye on regular maintenance milestones.


These are just some of the many great apps you can use to improve your on-the-road experience. The best way to improve your daily drive? Trade in your old ride for a brand-new Ford at Dave Smith Ford.

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