Ford has been a major contributor to local law enforcement agencies throughout the country in the form of police cruisers. Now, the American automaker is looking to provide something new. The Ford Hybrid police car is designed to save budget-conscious police departments some money throughout the United States.

Ford’s response to law enforcement’s request goes without compromising performance. The cost-cutting model will be capable of keeping up in high speed chases and jumping curbs as necessary.

“This will be the first pursuit hybrid,” said Joseph Hinrichs, Ford America president. “It’s going to save fuel, lower emissions, power electric devices and they are quieter vehicles.”

Ultimately, replacing a single conventional-engine cruiser with the hybrid model will result in more than $3,000 in savings on fuel. That’s a good chunk of change, no matter how you cut it!

Don’t get any ideas if you see the new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan rolling through your town. They’re just as tough and capable as every other Ford-provided police cruiser.

The Ford Hybrid police car will be available for use by law enforcement sometime in 2018. It will launch nationwide as opposed to rolling out across the states over the course of the year.

We at Dave Smith Ford are proud to see another Ford cruiser rolling out to support local law enforcement officers!

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