Every year, tens of thousands of Ford employees go above and beyond their daily jobs to take on volunteer work and give back to the community. Ford recently released a reflection on the contributions of the Ford Volunteer Corps in 2017 to ring in the New Year, celebrating nearly 36,500 volunteers for their efforts working on over 1,700 community projects in the year gone by


Those numbers are an increase over 2016’s stats, making 2017 a smashing success for volunteerism. 3,000 more Ford employees helped out with 200 more projects than the previous year, increasing Ford’s positive influences around the world. From renovating homes to installing water-cleaning systems to feeding the hungry in more than 40 countries, members of the Ford Volunteer Corps contributed up to a staggering 237,000 hours of volunteer work to the communities in which they live and work.


Additionally, following many of the natural disasters that hit the U.S. in 2017—including hurricanes, wildfires, and floods—Ford lent a hand with extra financial support and vehicles to disaster relief teams.


The Ford Volunteer Corps and other company organizations, such as the Ford Thirty Under 30 which empowers younger Ford employees to be an upcoming generation of positive influence and leadership, will continue their work around the world in 2018.

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