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No one likes driving through a traffic jam, but traffic can be even more frustrating when it seemingly has no real cause. These phantom traffic jams are usually caused by a single driver slowing down, which then causes the following cars to slow down as well. Recently, Ford worked with Vanderbilt University to show how Ford’s adaptive cruise control technology can help prevent these types of traffic build-ups.

On a test track, 36 drivers simulated regular highway traffic and utilized adaptive cruise control. This allowed the vehicles to automatically keep pace with the car in front by slowing down and speeding up, as needed. The test was then repeated without the use of the technology, which meant drivers had to manually brake and accelerate.

The results of the test showed that with adaptive cruise control, the impact of the initial braking event was much less than in the test without it, even with just one in three vehicles equipped with the technology.

Michael Kane, supervisor, Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology, said, “We encourage Ford owners who have adaptive cruise control to use it during their summer travels in the hope this smart technology today can be that first step to help ease commutes.”

At Dave Smith Ford, we are proud to be part of a brand that pushes for innovative technology and takes the necessary steps to improve vehicle safety. For more information about Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control, or to take a closer look at models that include this feature, visit us at Dave Smith Ford.

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