Car Wash

Winter weather is stressful and it can take a major toll on your vehicle. Now that spring has finally arrived, you’ll want to make sure you’re vehicle is in peak condition. These spring car maintenance tips are easy to follow and will have you ready to hit the road to enjoy the warmer weather in no time.


Wash and wax


It may seem like a purely cosmetic concern, but thoroughly washing your car will remove any accumulated salt and grime that has built up on your vehicle over the winter. These substances can cause rust and other damage to your vehicle’s body, so it’s best to hit the car wash as spring gets underway.


Check tire pressure


It’s hard to overstate the importance of your tires when it comes to your vehicle’s overall health. At the end of winter, make sure to check your vehicle’s tires to make sure they’re all inflated, aligned, and that they have adequate tread.


Replace wiper blades


We tend to use our wiper blades a lot in the winter. And between the ice, sleet, and snow, they can really take a beating during the colder months. If you’re wipers are bent, cracked, or damaged, it’s best to replace them at the start of the new season so you can count on optimal visibility on the road.


If your vehicle needs some post-winter care, stop by Dave Smith Ford or give us a call to schedule an appointment with our service department.

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