On top of preparing a meal and coordinating plans with family, getting around for Thanksgiving can be a hectic ordeal. This year, avoid the stress by following these simple Thanksgiving Travel tips from Dave Smith Ford.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to lock down your Thanksgiving travel plans. If you’re flying, you’ll find better rates if you shop early in the fall. If you’re taking the car, make sure your vehicle is in good shape and plan your route ahead of time. The last thing you want is to have to handle all of this on the morning you have to head out. 

Avoid the Highway on Wednesday

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid travelling on the day before Thanksgiving. Millions of Americans take to the road on that Wednesday, routinely causing massive delays on highways. If you must travel the day before Thanksgiving, consider finding a route that avoids the highway altogether. It might add a few extra miles, but it could save you from hours of sitting in traffic. 

Get High-Tech 

Especially if you’re travelling in your car, a good navigation system is crucial. Around Thanksgiving, traffic is unpredictable and unexpected delays are common. Often, you’ll have to reroute to avoid heavy traffic. This is where an advanced navigation system comes in handy.

Whether you’re heading across town or across the country, follow these Thanksgiving travel tips and make this year the most stress-free Thanksgiving yet!

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